About Us

The perfect flavor enhancer

WOMSAUCE started as a homemade Hot Sauce using peppers grown in our garden and a blend of fresh and high quality spices. The sauces quickly became known as the “Flavor Enhancer” among friends and family because they deepened and enriched the flavor of everything they touched without dominating them. WOMSAUCE adds just the right balance of hot, sweet, savory, salt, and umami. By using the ripest local ingredients and a creative blend of authentic spices, WOMSAUCE has become known as the perfect flavor enhancer.

To this day, we roast our own peppers over open flame, mix them with the highest quality spices, and bottle the sauces by hand. We love putting WOMSAUCE on pizza, burgers, and eggs. We have also heard WOMSAUCE is fantastic on pasta, sandwiches, and Bloody Mary.

There is a very high chance you will fall in love with WOMSAUCE and get hooked!

Houman Rasouli - The Co-founder with a passion for pleasing the palet.  Ever since I can remember, I've been mixing things up in the kitchen and trying to come up with flavors that you wouldn't want to stop eating.  Getting the freshest ingredients were one of my secrets to creating delicious food.  A few years ago I started growing my own herbs and peppers to add that extra flavor to my food.  After trying hundreds of variations, I finally discovered what has become our first three flavor-enhancing sauces.  I made the sauces for my family and we've been enjoying them for years.  I hope they bring the same enjoyment to you and your family.

John Jakiun - The Co-founder with the moxie to move the merchandise.  I've always had a passion for cooking and a desire to please those around me with savory dishes.  When Houman and I started discussing this business it was instant synergy.  My previous sales and business experience, joy of cooking, and our strong friendship were the perfect ingredients to make this partnership a success.